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Wednesday, February 25, 2014

Kogo's Joseki Dictionary (KJD)
is the world's most extensive software joseki dictionary.

Visit this page to download the latest version.

Download KJD (a 312 KB .zip file) using the button below, then extract the .sgf file. (Here is the unzipped version. (.sgf))

Download Kogo's Joseki Dictionary

Download the Japanese version of KJD,
courtesy of Masahiko Ohashi.

Curator: Alexander Dinerchtein
Originator: Gary Odom
Contributors: Andre Ay,
Stefan Verstraeten

Comments & suggestions welcome.


Joseki book by KJD curator:
Alexander Dinerchtein


Viewing Kogo's Joseki Dictionary

You need an .sgf file viewer/editor that handles variations.
Below is a table of program compatibility.




BW-Joseki Android yes
cgoban multi-platform yes
Dariush Windows yes
Drago Windows yes
EidoGo multi-platform yes
glGo multi-platform yes
Goban Macintosh


Go Dojo Windows yes
Go Sharp Windows yes
Go Suite Pocket PC yes




Kombilo multi-platform yes
Many Faces of Go Windows yes
Moyo Go Studio Windows yes
MultiGo Windows yes
Quarry Linux yes
qGo multi-platform yes
Shades of Go Windows yes
SmartGo Windows,
TanGo Windows yes
WinMGT Windows yes
zGo multi-platform yes
Go++ Windows no
GO Write Windows no




Pilot Gone Palm no
Go Lessons
Social Network for Go Players
Insei League


More information

Technical note: Kogo's Joseki Dictionary (KJD) is an .sgf document file. You need a program to open KJD, hence the list of programs above. If you have a problem opening or using KJD, such as seeing the many variations in KJD, the problem is with the program, not KJD. If so, contact the vendor of the program; the KJD staff cannot help you. Thanks.